goals: no redundancy

Cut-and-paste is a quick way to experiment, but failing to refactor will waste time later.


Bim: This file is where everything gets named. It's like a phone book.

Reader: I love reading phone books.

A short list of flags is fine, but a long list of symbols for other symbols could probably be better.

If they amount to naming functions, you're essentially writing the function name twice. Find another way. Perhaps a list of function pointers, base class inheritance, or a prototype. Figure out what goes with the uniform processing elsewhere in the system.

If you're making local symbols for library symbols, get good abbreviations out of it.

here, there, everywhere

Bim: This file is where plugins are defined. That file is where the constructor is called. They're saved and loaded my this other module.

Reader: Is that also where they're added to the menu?

Bim: Don't be silly.

Scheme to keep plugins isolated to a single file, added to the larger system with a simple #include.

If the system can fall through well, the include can be commented out to isolate problems by running a stripped-down build. 2017 [171108]