A Code Path

This is "A Pattern Language" for computer code.

It's a choose-your-own-adventure. There's a fictional character, called the reader, who has to read your code.

Beware the reader.

The big picture

Establish goals.

Choose a toolset.

Acquaint yourself with some useful examples.

Explore with a stroll.

References, cites, etc here.


DNA is computer code. Code is how you build machines. Code is how the Star Trek crew outwits the aliens ("quick! route the trombone through the transporter!").

Code is structure and pattern. Code is, in the deepest and most wizardly way, spelling. Code is fun.

Code is hard to get right.

But especially:

Code is cumulative.

"Hey, Bim! Great to see you, man!"
Bim: "Peanut sauce. Also, Balloons."
Reader: "Great story. Felt like I was there."

The pieces are there but they lack cohesion and purpose. Sadly, we often get off on the wrong foot.

Some advice to Bim: refocus on core skills. The difference will take time, but life (we prefer) is long; both successes and errors pay out down the road. Today's groundwork stays with us.



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