goals: arcology

In architecture, a compact city.

Like an urban space station, the arcology achieves threshold density through two key ideas: distances are shrunk with a 3D layout, and space-consuming auto roads are eliminated.

The environment differs from a conventional city in kind as well as degree, creating new opportunities to be efficient, accessible, and durable.

Mere density isn't enough. A key implication is the existence of negative surrounding space, available for temporary endeavors or a peaceful place. Unoccupied space is a critical aspect of the whole.

In code, a compact platform.

Minified scaffolding is the analogue of a compact transportation system. A small codebase-- other things equal-- is easier to maintain and extend, with faster compile times and reduced editing to reflect design changes.

As necessary infrastructure shrinks and solidifies, the empty space becomes a creative lab. When plugins can be saved, loaded, and displayed cheaply, developer time is spent experimenting with functionality and layout. The percentage of original, productive code increases.

Code arcology is a coordinated combination of decoupled small classes, system wide abbreviations and conventions, and self documenting code.

Opposite: technical debt. 2017 [171108]