phrases A script to create an index-like list of key words and phrases from plain text or html.

Copyright 2002 Nathaniel Resnikoff.

USAGE:  phrases -[ahnosvwW] filename

Constructs an list of indexable phrases from the document.  List is in order of frequency, partially weighted by number of words.

  a : all phrases instead of 1/30 truncation
  h : filter html (automatic if filename ends with 'htm' or 'html')
  o : filter html only; do not index
  s : arg is string, not filename
  v : vertical output
  w : weighted ordering instead of numeric
  W : web filter


If you're on OS X, you can run with default settings by dropping a text or html file on the scriptlet (thanks to ScriptGUI).

The plaintext file is here.

NR 2002.