class Fl_NoteChooser

Include Files

#include "Fl_Piano.H"


This note selection widget is a subclass of Fl_Group. It is useful for selecting or displaying a note, or getting the frequency in Hz of a piano note.

Fl_NoteChooser image


Fl_NoteChooser::Fl_NoteChooser(int x, int y, int w, int h)

Create a new Fl_NoteChooser widget using the given position and size.

double value()
void setValue (double n)

Get the current note value.

void setBounds (int lo, int hi)
int lowNote()
int highNote()

Get and set the lowest and highest notes on the keyboard. Notes are integers: zero is middle C, 12 is an octave above, -12 is an octave below, etc.