A Perl script to create a compact, printable list of entries from OS X Address Book vCard format.

For Mac OS X; probably applicable to other vCard-format address books.


Download Then:
  1. Create a group in the Apple OS X address book with the word 'print' in the name (e.g. 'ToPrint'). Add cards you want printed to this group (the cards will remain in their original groups).
  2. Drag the group onto the Desktop. It will create a file with a '.vcf' extension. Drag the file onto the application (or use the command-line version, with the .vcf filename as the argument).
  3. The script creates a file on the Desktop called 'addressList.txt'. Format to suit (for example, change font size), and print.

If you want to change the behavior, download the Perl script. It can be made into a drag-n-drop application with the help of ScriptGUI.

NR 2004.