Programs I've written. These are free.

Apps (Mac only) Live spectral analyzer. Originally a front end for the Digitech JamMan looping pedal; evolved into a loop library manager. Assemble a series of images into a composite image. An experiment to see whether adding up frames from a low light video could be interesting.


Perl scripts, which can be run from the Terminal (some available as .apps for OS X users, thanks to ScriptGUI).

Also, here's a description of a multiple-document indexing program I was developing for a while: nedlinks.

Perl one-liners

Type at command line.

Mac file extensions

Macs get confused by files without extensions (like .txt for text files). Adds ".txt" to every file in current directory lacking it (of course you can change the extension).

perl -e 'opendir D,"."; @f=readdir(D); map{-f and !/\.txt/ and rename("$_","$_.txt");} @f'

Left-hand words

My friend Stephen once wondered how many words could be typed with just the typewriter keys under the left hand. Find out:

cat /usr/share/dict/words | perl -e 'while(<>) {/^[qwertasdfgzxcvb]+$/i and print}' > leftHandWords.txt

or right hand:

cat /usr/share/dict/words | perl -e 'while(<>) {/^[yuiophjklnm]+$/i and print}' > rightHandWords.txt

I get left and right. Hmm, I'm not sure all of those are real words.

Stephen responded:
"You no phony, you million joy John, you holy monk, you hunk!

(A good left-handed compliment has been harder to come up with.)"

To which I replied:
"That's ok, I prefer not to receive left-handed compliments."


I've been working with the fltk widget kit.

My method for using the FLUID UI tool: fluid tips.

Some widgets I've written. Source code viewable here or downloadable here.