means: shorthand

It is essential then, once you have learned to use the language, that you pay attention to the possibility of compressing the many patterns which you put together, in the smallest possible space. You may think of this process of compressing patterns, as a way to make the cheapest possible building which has the necessary patterns in it. It is, also, the only way of using a pattern language to make buildings which are poems.
[ A Pattern Language, p. xliv]

Sometimes less is more.

While music theory is full of nice long words like fermata and glissando, written music uses glyphs. It's effective, condensed, professional communication.

if (error == TRUE) return FALSE; 

if (!ok) return 0;                // "if not ok, .."

std::vector<long unsigned int> value_vector = this->make_vector(void); // could be. 

vector<ulong> V = make_vec(); 

// or, if you speak UNIX: 
vector V = mkvec();
Learning overhead is inversely proportional to scalability. Assume the reader knows the language.

The writer's goal is to help a reader scan, not read; edit, not inspect: and follow the larger narrative.

[opposite] baby talk: unnecessarily explicit and prolix.

See: abbreviations, conventions, format 2017 [171108]